Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Announcement

Posted on April 13, 2015 in Software & Games.

Back in 2012 I reviewed Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I thoroughly enjoyed playing that game. It has a varied gameplay style, a storyline that feels like a Sci-fi movie script, and wonderfully rich visuals.

Now Adam Jensen is back, Square Enix – the company that make Deus Ex – have announced the next game in the series, Mankind Divided.

Check out the trailer below.

I can't wait to play through the new game, though I'm not entirely sure where I'll find the time.

Until then, here are some screenshots from the announcement video.

Learning Objective-C with Treehouse

Posted on April 01, 2015 in Code.

I enjoy picking up new programming languages, and love the freedom to create things for different platforms. I've been wanting to learn to code native iOS and Mac OS apps for a fair while now, and have recently been using Treehouse to learn Objective-C.

Their courses are easy to follow, concise, and presented by people who actually understand the language they are teaching. In a few short weeks I've picked up plenty; taking the time to understand the core of C, then Objective-C, the Interface Builder, and build example apps similar to Magic 8 balls, Snapchat, and RSS Readers has exposed me to all sorts of parts of the iOS API.

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Alto's Adventure

Posted on March 23, 2015 in Reviews, Software & Games.

It's not often that I post a review on my blog, but once in a while something comes along that I feel I should just give a little nod to.

Alto's Adventure is a beautifully stylised game for iOS, with changing weather, simple objectives, and the replayability of Super Mario.

The premise of the game is simple. You play as a snowboarder attempting to get as far through the world as possible, while collecting points for stunts, and rounding up escaped Llamas.

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Owl Pellets

Posted on February 19, 2015 in Outdoors.

Yesterday Laura's Mum found eleven Owl pellets sitting under a tree in the garden. Pellets are effectively fur balls coughed up by Owls after they've digested their food. They can be an interesting way to find out what type of Owl is in the area, and what they may have eaten.

Of course we couldn't pass up the opportunity to dissect them and find out what was inside.

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Defining the Google Blink

Posted on February 06, 2015 in The Web.

This animated image shows the blinking text cursor on the Google homepage

I often arrive at Google and forget what I was planing to search for in the first place. I assumed there must be a name for this particular forgetfulness, but couldn't find one. So I decided to make one of my own. I give you the Google Blink.

Defined as:

The moment you arrive at Google, and stare blankly at the blinking cursor having forgotten your query. This phenomena is likely linked to having to check the time twice, because you didn't pay attention when you first checked.

E.g. I spent 10 minutes with a Google Blink. When I finally remembered what I was Googling for the moment had passed.