We are Tide

Posted on February 03, 2014 in My Life, Tide, The Web.

The Tide Rises banner from Tide Studio's first public site

Last Thursday, just before lunchtime, we made public something we'd been working on for a few months – we launched Tide.

When Deer Digital almost closed in September, we made it clear to our investor, that we wanted to try to salvage something from the company we loved. Five of us (Becky, Billy, Jo, Kevin, and I) got together with the mindset of evolving the company based on the values and ideas we all shared.

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Up, up and away.

Posted on October 15, 2013 in My Life.

A beautiful shadow of the hot air balloon over the fields in the distance.

Today we floated at 3200ft in a wicker basket!

At 11am we called the Virgin Hot Air Balloon line to find out if the flight we'd booked was going ahead. Much to our surprise it was; we were actually going to fly in a Hot Air Balloon!

After a mad dash for the next bus failed, we called for a taxi. An expensive and very long drive later we were in Perth, standing in a large green park, waiting for a car to arrive carrying what can only be described as the biggest picnic basket I've ever seen.

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Practice hike for our Queen's Scout expedition

Posted on February 22, 2013 in My Life, Scouts, Outdoors.

Gordon Network with our flag during the practice hike

On Friday night at about 6pm we set off from Loch Muick car park to begin our two day practice hike for our DofE and Queen's Scout expedition.

As we crossed the first bridge near the visitor centre, we noticed a fair amount of ice build up along the river; we knew it was going to be cold weekend.

After dividing up the kit, we hiked to the bothy beside the loch, and pitched our tents before losing too much light.

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Queen Scout Award & DofE

Posted on October 12, 2012 in My Life, Scouts.

Being 24 I have less than 1 year left to get my Queen Scout and Duke of Edinburgh Awards. I don't want to let the oppurtunity pass so I'm working towards getting them.

In order to get my Queen Scout Award I have to complete the following:

  • 5 Challenges
  • Nights Away
  • Two activities from an international, environmental and values list

These also count toward my DofE meaning I should have time to achieve both. I have until my 25th birthday (August 5th 2013) to get these completed and submit my paperwork. I'll be sure to post updates as things progress.

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The Baker Hughes, my first 10K run!

Posted on May 28, 2012 in My Life.

The Deer Digital team running at the Baker Hughes 10K

Last Sunday I ran my first 10K. A group of us from Deer Digital (Angus, Jim, Becky, Scott G, Scott F and I) ran the Baker Hughes, in aid of Befriend a Child.

When I first agreed to run, I decided that I would train for about two months. It seemed like an excellent idea, as I'm sure I get far from the amount of exercise I need. A plethora of excuses followed as to why I couldn't go out for a run night after night. Too wet out, too dry out, too late, other things to do.

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