Create New File in Finder for Alfred 2.0

Posted on March 24, 2013 in Alfred.

Creating a new file in Mac OS Finder using Alfred App.

Alfred 2.0 has been written from the ground up and is a vast improvement on the original. As well as a number of other changes, the new Workflows are now more powerful than previous Alfred Extensions. However, old extensions are no longer supported and must be re-written to work with the new system.

I'll be releasing a number of new Alfred Workflows in the near future, but I've started by re-writing the Create New File extension I released last year. Once again I'd like to thank Chris Kalafarski (farski) for improving the first ever version of my script. Thanks to George for adding a critical update to prevent overwriting existing files. 

Download the new Alfred Workflow below.

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Create New File in Finder 2

Posted on April 16, 2012 in Alfred.

Over the weekend I wrote an extension for Alfred to solve the problem of not being able to create new files easily from the Mac OS Finder.

After I had written what was a very rudementary script to solve the problem, I posted it to my blog (the one you're reading now). Within a couple of hours I had over 500 views to the post, and a few comments. Thanks to everyone who took the time to find me on twitter or post a comment.

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Create New File in Finder. A script for Alfred App

Posted on April 14, 2012 in Alfred.

Click here for an updated version of this script.

I am constantly bothered by the lack of a "new file" option in the Mac OS Finder. None of the scripts I found on the web were that great, and they were often quite slow. So I whipped up this little Alfred extension. It creates a new file in the most recent or currently active finder window, and selects it ready to be renamed.

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